Elegant manicure set "Amelie"

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Elegant manicure set "Amelie"

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Leisure, Leisure, Manicure
Product description:

Elegant manicure set "Amelie" , consists of a pair of nail scissors, nail file, tweezer, manicure stick, small and large nail clippers, packed in a rectangular pouch with a button on the side

Parameter: 15,3 x 7,5 x 2,3cm
Material: PVC / PC / PE / PET
Color: black
Decoration: Laser engraving

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In 56-0499094 In 56-0499094 black 15,3 x 7,5 x 2,3 cm 4,83 EUR to 48 hours: 24 pcs.

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6-piece luxurious CrisMa manicure set with stainless steel instruments.

Parameter: 15 x 7 x 1,7cm
Material: stainless steel, imitation of leather
Farba: black, white
Potlač: Laser engraving
Victorinox 8.2055.C klieštiky na nechty

Skladacie klieštiky na nechty v plastovom puzdre s krúžkom na kľúče.
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6 piece stainless steel manicure set in rectangular cork pouch.

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Elegant manicure set "Denise"
Elegant manicure set "Denise"

Elegant manicure set "Denise" , consists of a pair of nail scissors, nail file, tweezer, nail clippers, 2 manicure sticks, packed in an oval pouch with a button on the side

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Manicure set in oval PU pouch. All 5 tools in stainless steel.

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Material: PU
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Manicure set

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Manicure set

Four-piece manicure set supplied in an aluminium case, includes scissors, nail file, nail clippers and a cuticle implement.

Packaging: Polybag

Cerificate: Cadmium, Phthalates, PAHs

Parameter: 4.7x3.5x12cm
Material: aluminium
Farba: silver
Seki manicure to go set

Seki manicure to go set. Manicure set with a trendy case with key ring makes it easy to keep this set with you at all times. Includes nail clippers, tweezers, curved scissors, and cuticle tool. Plastic Case.

Brand: Bullet
Parameter: 2,2 x 4 x 8,3 cm
Material: Plastic
Farba: white, black
Potlač: Tampoprint S, Tampoprint L
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Manicure and sewing kit "Perfect" consists of nail file, tweezers, nail scissors, nail clippers, and inner pocket with sewing kit with needles, 6 threads of different colours, safety pin, and 2 buttons, in a notebook-like case with aluminium frame, elastic strap closure, and metal plate for your advertising

Parameter: 14,8 x 8,9 x 3cm
Material: metal, PU
Farba: brown, metallic, black
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6 pc manicure set in PVC case with press-stud.

Parameter: 120 x 70mm
Material: metal, PU, PVC / PC / PE / PET
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4 pcs manicure set in aluminium tube.

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